Bhilai !! One of the most serene cities of Chhattisgarh lies under the District Drug, is famous for its steel and chemical industry, Bhilai Steel Plant. It is believed that the name “Bhilai” is derived from the Bhil tribe which originally inhabited this region and continues to dwell in the nearby forests till date. Bhilai is a planned city, divided into sectors with low-density, mostly single-story housing. According to the census 2011, it had a population of around 1,064,077. Other than being famous for BSP it is also famous for being the education hub of Chhattisgarh. Many of the IIT-JEE aspirants, as well as Medical aspirants, come over from all over the state for training purpose every year.

The history of Bhilai is still unclear but it is said that the city was ruled by Haihaivanshi Rajputs till mid-1700’s after which the throne was overtaken by Marathas. In 1853, East India Company ousted the Marathas in the region. The city remained a part of British umpire till 1947 when the country got freedom.

Maitri Bagh is the biggest zoo and garden in the city also known as “Friendship Garden”, established in 1972 as a symbol of India USSR friendship. It was developed and now maintained under Bhilai Steel Plant. It also holds an artificial lake where you can go boating and Toy train is also a part of fun riding there. One of the other places for sightseeing near Bhilai is Tandula Dam lying about 60 km from the city. Other places include Civic┬ácenter which is known as the shopping hub of Bhilai rather versatile place with a good amount of restaurants and shopping places. The City has its only mall, Surya Treasure Island located in Nehru Nagar.

A lot more can be explored in the city as it is one of the most peaceful places with all the facilities within this small area of the State.

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